Playful Visualizations at Work, Working Visualizations at Play




See? I really WAS doing an art project. Here are three (iphone camera) images of the semi finished product of my Pale King resin adventure. As I’ve said in other posts, I was inspired by thinking about processes of reading, especially at the high academic level where there are certain things that one consciously and unconsciously takes into the reading process (different things from everyone else?). I was also inspired by my struggles and productive mishaps with computer software like Pixelmator and GIMP. This is a good link to other versions of Open Source Photoshop-like programs. I generally hesitate to photograph epoxy art, because of the glare and the impossibility of capturing the depth that makes these pieces so interesting in my opinion. This particular work is about ten layers of epoxy, text, and acrylic paint on a wooden panel. Epoxy is a fascinating material, caustic and scientific (well, you wear gloves and have to measure accurately, it FEELS scientific) and fantastic for creating two dimensional art with a lot of thickness and profundity. I should probably mention that it is very expensive (this four foot squared painting used about $150 worth), and also that I happen to get it for free from a wonderful patron who is part of my family. System Three, the epoxy/resin company, also provides epoxy to a very talented artist in Seattle named Alan Fulle.

This project is finished for now, which means it will go on a wall and I will look at it until I get more epoxy and decide to take it down from the wall and keep working on it. This interim period sometimes takes a couple of years, depending on my academic workload. It has been very interesting for me to do a project for school that took so many forms, a true protean adventure that stretched my brain and reinvigorated my attachment and engagement to the book that started it all. Let me know what you think, and if you we know one another (or someone I know knows you) , you can always email me to come see any of my work in person.


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  1. This is fantastic!
    I’m not sure if I can quite imagine how it would look on a wall, but I almost get the sense that if i take the three pictures as elements of the painting and combine them in my mind, then I can imagine what the three-dimensional image would look like.
    I love the appearance of the second photograph in particular and the way it makes me think of artwork under water. It’s this combination of a fixed artistic endeavor under this surface that seems just about to ripple and change.
    As a visualization, it’s interestingly provocative because of how it asks the viewer to deal with the intersection of the visual and the textual and…I feel like I have to go and stare at it some more.
    As I said before, this is really fantastic!

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