Playful Visualizations at Work, Working Visualizations at Play

I’d have to say, that from my (new) experience, the best way to enter a three-day weekend is by a casual yet intellectual exchange of ideas and projects.  The Research Slam, organized by the Transcriptions center here at UCSB, proved to be a successful event where I got to see what many of my peers are up to and was able to discuss and answer questions about my own work.  I had never been to this type of (un)conference before, and I liked the atmosphere.  Instead of scheduled presentations and different themes, the style was more “open house” and less “I’m going to read from a paper I just wrote while everyone sits quietly and listens.”  In fact, there wasn’t much “quiet” about this event, and I found that all of the discussing and sharing of ideas, made the Research Slam come alive.

Amanda Phillips, who is a 5 year veteran of the Slam, have given a much more detailed review of the event, so I’ll link you here:

Amanda’s Review

A few of our other classmates were able to come and participate, and I enjoyed hearing more about their projects for our Lit + class and other areas of interests on which they are working.  In particular, I’d like to give “blame” to one classmate for causing my strange dreams about cat/squirrel hybrids (you know who you are).

If you haven’t yet visited the class project page, there are many diverse and interesting research topics, check them out!:

“Literature +” project pages

Here’s a picture of me with my “glitter-free poster” (in the end, I decided maybe glitter was too much, however, I’m sure it would have jazzed it up a bit):


Overall, it was a great experience, and I look forward participating next year, and encourage others to do the same.  If you have any specific questions about the event, leave them in the comment box, and I will try my best to either a) answer b) direct you in the right direction.


And now, back to the third day of the three day weekend 🙂



Comments on: "Research Slam: a review" (1)

  1. meagfitzska said:

    I thought the slam was great as well. I only was able to stick around for about the first hour, but it was yet another solid showing from the English department at UCSB. I did not have an opportunity to spend time looking at the other projects because I had a flight to catch, but really enjoyed the conversations my fragmented visuals generated with new people and classmates. It was awesome. I will definitely want to attend next year!

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