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Can you see me?

DFW Pale King Excel Sheets

This link will allow you to download my spreadsheets, I think, so check it out! Please comment if you have any other ideas about how to mess around with Excel that might be interesting for the project.


Comments on: "Can you see me?" (2)

  1. I love these; especially the later ones that turn into all sorts of interesting shapes. The graph-ical nature of them is fantastic.
    I wonder if you might think about incorporating some of the color from your earlier visualizations into the excel cells.
    (Also, and this is true on my copy of Excel 2011, you can tell it to sort along more than one dimension by pressing shift, command & R to bring up a dialog box – so you can tell Excel to sort it first by color and then A to Z).
    This could be a fascinating way of combining some of the stuff you were doing earlier with color with what you’re doing now in Excel.

    • meagfitzska said:

      Yes, I am definitely thinking about coloring these graphs/visualizations, but am also thinking about whether or not I can import the images into photoshop and use my “useful” visuals to come up with my more artistic ones. I will try the shift, command, R trick!

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