Playful Visualizations at Work, Working Visualizations at Play


Liz’s post, especially the Craig Zeta text graphs, really intrigued me. I am moving toward thinking about ways to make the text into art, on the one side of my project, and found some examples of what I would want to do in an ideal world where I have way more technical knowledge than I do in this world. 

These two images, taken from DESIGN M.A.G., are clearly too far out of my league, but have gotten me to thinking what types of images I might create from the text I am currently using. I am looking further into this idea this weekend, so we will see whether or not I can actually make anything like this.


Comments on: "Beautiful." (1)

  1. I keep meaning to tell you, this is such a great find! (It’s almost enough to endear me to the Craig Zeta results).
    I almost feel like this transcends useful or ludic interactions into some kind of new category.

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