Playful Visualizations at Work, Working Visualizations at Play

I feel like I’ve been working really hard at making a beautiful visualization that is somehow connected to my research about La tumba.  However, I don’t have much to show for it.  Instead, I keep heading down a rhizomatic path that leads me far away from the productive path (with a destination) that I was once travelling.  At times, this is a good thing.  It’s kind of an exploratory adventure into the world of visualizations.  There’s no end in sight and every article I read and picture I see, leads to another article and another picture.  Basically though, I’m getting distracted.  However, it’s what I like to call “productive distractions.”  I’m not reading the latest gossip blog or checking my email (ok, perhaps, occasionally, that is what I am doing), but instead I’m checking out really interesting projects and discovering that this world of graphic representation is so much bigger than I first thought.  To put it plainly:  there are a lot of cool people out there, doing some really cool things with data.

Since I have alerted all of my friends about my recent research topics and goals, they have been sending me links to things they think I might find interesting (thanks, friends!).  This is excellent, but it continues to add to my distracted reading list.  Most recently, my good friend Nora was nice enough to send me a link to a book I will have to add to my Christmas in July list (I say 7/25 because I don’t know if I can wait until December).

Please enjoy reading the review of the book, and make sure to add an additional hour or so  to browse the other posts.


Comments on: "tangents and distractions: friends or foe?" (1)

  1. meagfitzska said:

    I like the phrase productive distractions. It’s very true that with this type of project, they in many ways push forward any and all trains of thought.

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