Playful Visualizations at Work, Working Visualizations at Play

screwing around


Last week in our meeting, as I was downloading Many Eyes, playing around with word trees and the like, Claire suggested to me that I look into using Excel. It makes quite a bit of sense, as I am already using Word, and what is more useful than Excel, right? Well, I should admit right now that Excel terrifies me. I use it for grading purposes only, have someone else write the equations generally, and even then am capable of messing it up. But, the rote work of adding text into a spreadsheet sounded like a good project for this week, especially because my –prospectus exam– is happening this next week. Above are some screen shots of me playing around with Excel, breaking things I spent lots of time creating, and pushing buttons just to see what happens. The small white spreadsheet is an example of what happens when you push the dollar icon on an Excel sheet that is text only. More to come, once I’ve pasted more text in (having completely broken my former text, although still playing to see if I can break it any more in interesting ways).  This bottom picture is a screenshot of where I began.




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