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go with the flow!

Well, I’ve been playing around with the History Flow tool, and I must say, it’s been quite fun.  At first I was confused (as I am beginning any project it seems these days).  I tried making a visualization of my work on my dissertation.  I knew it wouldn’t be as “interesting” as other visualizations that I saw in the various galleries online because it is not from a collaborative work, but from a single author (i.e. me).  However, I still thought it might create something at least a little bit visually pleasing.  This is the result:

Evolution of a chapter of my dissertation

So, there’s some color there.  But, alas, not much weave.  Also, because the file type was not what the program wanted, there’s a lot of gibberish on the right side.  I’d say it’s an okay visualization, however, it’s not that pretty and it’s not that useful.

Perhaps it would be best to see it compared to what it is meant to look like.  Here is a visualization of the wikipedia page on José Agustín site (on the Wikipedia in Spanish site):

The evolution of José Agustín’s page

This visualization shows much more depth and complexity of color and of edits.  Also, the correct text shows up in the window on the right.  I will continue playing around with this tool in attempts to make the outcome better when my input is not a wikipedia page (like a word doc, for example, or a number of word docs).

If you would like to play around, here are the tools:

The program to download

The how-to that I used


Comments on: "go with the flow!" (2)

  1. meagfitzska said:

    This tool is really exciting to look at, I’m going to download this weekend!

  2. […] two-part: 1) an opportunity to play around with the History Flow tool more (which I have mentioned before and with which I have enjoyed creating beautiful and colorful designs) and 2) Creating some kind […]

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